Coming updates

Thank you everyone. These have been pretty interesting days for us, and after a very encouraging start the project is on tracks. Thank you very much everyone for your contribution. Let me remind you that pledging is not your only option to help this succeed. You can also talk about the game to people around you. Friends, families, colleagues, pets. You can share the project and the demo on forums, on your Facebook, on your Twitter, make craploads of Youtube videos. If you are member of any online communities, there will be people very interested about the project. Also, we are happy to see there is an almost constant stream of players in the game which is very encouraging. Playing the game is another way you are helping us. It just makes us feel good to see you there.

And we want to help you there, so we will be continuously improving the game based on your feedback. So here is what you can expect in an update coming sometime this week:
- Overhauled grenade mechanics
- Tweaked weapon hit chance and suppression algorithms
- More logical and effective cover (especially at angles)
- Better system to start new game rounds (in case the master player is AFK)
- More visible objectives and victory points on both the battle and strategic map
- Farm Fight Classic map will allow up to 7 vs 7A compass on the map
- Audio volume control
- Bunch of bug fixes

Thank you for your contribution, and keep it going!