Achievement unlocked: First playtests are a success

Hello everyone,

Last Wednesday, we've had our first playtest/demo session with complete strangers which means people supposedly not biased into being nice to us. And we got positive feedback, the art was praised, but also the gameplay is really starting to shape up. Accessibility was pretty good, most players could pick up the basics of the game without hints. But most importantly, a lot of them wanted to keep going, some even stayed for over 20 minutes. That is big news, because it means the game is starting to be seriously fun, and although there is still a ton of work to be done, we are almost ready to roll out the alpha.

The plan for the future is as follow: we will select a group of online players to test reasonably big games, and have a few private playtest sessions online to see how the servers and the game handle 10 or 20 players on the same map. Making sure that this work properly is probably one of the last big obstacles to the alpha.

We fear that the image bellow might inspire some sparks of jealousy, so we've decided to protect the identity of these lucky players. But fear not as you will soon be able to put your hands on the game.

It's obviously not visible here, but they are having a blast.