A Life After Call of Combat

Good news everyone. The team is expanding and a lot of work is getting done.

I would like to hijack one blog post to talk about something a bit different than usual. It's actually not directly about the game. And you'll be the main contributors this time.

I'd like to ask about what we experience in the game. What are these little things that make us want to start playing a game, and keep us hooked to it? Is it the thrill of victory, the adrenaline when going through a tight spot, that epic moment when you flanked the other team and completely destroyed and humiliated them? Maybe you just want to connect with your online friends, or simply kill time. Whatever these reasons were, I'd like to make a small survey among you and ask you what made you double click the callofcombat icon over and over again. What was it that you expected every time you started playing it?

For that you probably need to dig inside your memory, since the plug's been pulled out for over a year now. But maybe, you can think of other games you've been playing that reminded you of your experience with Call of Combat. I'm curious about whatever substitutes you might have found to replace CoC in a way or another. Provided that it is possible to replace CoC, of course. The reason I am asking this is that it would help us tremendously in having a thorough analysis and understand why the game was so engaging, in order to make sure the same subtle ingredients can be implemented in v2 effectively.

- Just try to analyse the profound reasons that made you play Call of Combat.
- What games do you play because they remind you of Call of Combat in some way?

Please surprise us.

Also, there's a new poll this week.


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There is no LIFE but Call of Combat.

Here is hoping that the game can retain or regain a level of balance it once had in 1998 and was being eroded by the time it finally was pulled. We the people that have played since 2am times want to have that be the motivation for this new version. We want it to be more widely accepted by gamers, less about "hotkeys" and more about the team game that really drove us to stick with Call all these years. The new direction is pleasing to see and it should result in a really robust community.